Research Topic

Disaster Modeling: I concern on building model of disaster spreading. The next step is prediction of spreading area. My last research activities are water flow spreading, mudflow spreading, forest fire spreading, aeorosol spreading and smoke spreading.

Pedestrian Evacuation: I concern on building the simulation of pedestrian evacuation based on human behavior. My last research activities is normal-panic pedestrian simulation and occupant evacuation on the large room.

Cellular Automata: It's my main concern on some research topics such as disaster spreading & prediction, pedestrian evacuation and epidemic model.

Image Processing & Computer Vision: I concern on image understanding and image feature extraction. My last research activities are image retrieval, image databases, biometric, moving understanding, vision game devices and many application of image processing.

Genetic Algorithm: I concern on implementation of Genetic Algorithm for optimization such as time-table optimization, relocation optimization, antenna design and process-flow optimization.

Monte Carlo and Simulated Annealing: I concern on implementation of Monte Carlo and Simulated Annealing for searching optimization such as relocation optimization and process-flow optimization.